Birth to 2 years of age

Our Nursery class is staffed with volunteers who are totally devoted to caring for your child; ensuring that they are loved and well cared for while you are in service.  Each week you will be greeted by a trained volunteer who will provide a fun, safe environment so each visit to DPCC can be a positive experience.   If a childcare member needs to contact you during service, you will be given an ID number that will appear on the church monitors.

3 to 4 years of age

Our PreK class features praise and teaching through fun activities, crafts, and music. We use a specially designed curriculum that reaches this age group and teaches them the truth of God’s word through bible stories. Our volunteers have an tremendous love for this age group, and they work diligently to provide an amazing experience for your little!

5 years of age to 1st grade

Our K-1st class boasts a wonderfully, interactive classroom setting with games, music, crafts, puppet skits, and creative lessons.  We have an amazingly dedicated staff, who bring their “A-game” each week!  Your child is going to have the time of his or her life while learning about God & His Word!

2nd-5th Grades

Our K.I.D.S. Church has it all…we sing, we play, we interact, and we learn by utilizing the “Hands-On” Bible Curriculum, which provides large and small group interaction.  Each week the kids learn about God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, and the Word through games, music, crafts, videos, and lesson plans designed to keep their interest. Our trained staff of volunteers look forward to interacting with your student.  You may also email the Children’s Pastor, Sue Rook, at

Kids Church

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